Why This Blog?

After much thought and research, I’ve concluded that America is going to self-destruct not too far down the road, likely well before I die. Tyranny and bankruptcy are its future, followed by disintegration.

I do not wish to live in the America that is to come, so I must decide what to do about it. There do not appear to be any good answers so I’ve decided to explore the possibilities in order to find the least bad answer. My main purpose for this blog is discussing those possibilities.

I expect to be writing posts on what’s wrong with America, on what I think its future will be, and on how to deal with that future. However, I will not restrict myself to those topics.

In particular, I have written about how I got convicted without anything like due process of a crime I wasn’t even accused of. All of these posts are in the category An Illegal Prosecution. I intend to write one more post, in which I explain why I should never have been prosecuted in the first place.

Mail can be sent to:

Theodore Wells #12561-050
Alexandria Detention Center
2001 Mill Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22314


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