Firing My Lawyer

Back in September, I told my lawyer that we were going to challenge my prior conviction and certain other damaging information, so as to minimize my likely sentence. At first, she claimed that she could not do it. I did the research and proved her wrong. She then agreed to do as I asked — and has done so.

What she has not done is the preparation to make the challenge a successful one. She said she would do so but, in late January, I made her admit that she had failed to do various critical tasks. She then said that she would get them in process before she left for her maternity leave. A month into that, I discovered that nothing was in process and that her boss was against doing the necessary. I have already had dealings with her boss. He’s an “I’m a lawyer, you’re not, so shut the fuck up” sort of guy, so I’m not going to fight them on this. I’m going to the judge to ask for a new lawyer.

I’ve had six appointed lawyers. All but one of them screwed up big time — and that one lawyer hasn’t done anything yet, allegedly because she’s waiting for transcripts. (Four months so far….) Two of these lawyers willfully screwed me over. One of them was simply incompetent. I’m still trying to figure out what’s with my soon-to-be-ex lawyer: Are her failures her own or her boss’s? (The last lawyer was likely minor incompetence.)

Welcome to the American criminal “justice” system….